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          What factors should be considered when purchasing plastic case circuit breaker

          Author : HKel Electrical Appliances (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Release Time : 2018-03-28 20:20:00 View Times:

          With the increasing popularity of plastic case circuit breakers, many industries can use them, and families can also use them. But the plastic case circuit breaker is related to personal safety and can not be purchased casually. It's not like ordinary commodities. It doesn't like to throw them away. If the quality of plastic case circuit breaker is not up to standard, it will cause serious consequences. So what kind of plastic case circuit breaker should we buy? Industry insiders believe that consumers should buy machines with certification standards. For example, with IEC logo and GB standard for low voltage electrical appliances in China, these are the most basic. At present, the standards of low-voltage electrical appliances in our country are becoming more and more international. Only machines that meet this standard can be used.

          In addition to standard certification, plastic case circuit breakers should also have quality certification, such as IS0 international quality system certification, classification society ISO quality system certification and so on. Perhaps you will be very curious, why do plastic case circuit breakers have this quality certification in the back? Because this quality certification shows that the machine is reliable, and the performance of moisture-proof and vibration-proof is good, only through these two certifications, can the product be used normally. Certainly, security certification is also essential. The security certification mentioned here is regionalized, such as UL certification in the United States and CCEE certification in the Great Wall. If you buy domestic plastic case circuit breakers, you must have the latter certification.

          If you want to buy a qualified plastic case circuit breaker, you have to check whether it has the certification standards described above. If all certifications are available, the quality and safety performance are qualified. Next, consumers need to choose according to the specific use environment. If the rated current is below 630 A, the short circuit current is not very large, the circuit breaker with plastic shell can be selected. If the rated current is large, then it is better to choose a frame circuit breaker. If the short circuit current of the branch is large, other factors must be taken into account. However, one thing to note is that plastic case circuit breakers must have leakage protection measures, otherwise they can not be purchased.

          After all the factors have been considered, it is necessary to consider the cost-effectiveness of plastic case circuit breakers. Different brands of plastic case circuit breakers have different prices. All consumers want to buy products with high performance-price ratio, so they have to compare three to see which plastic case circuit breaker is the most affordable and of the highest quality. After these basic requirements are met, we have to consider the expansion of the plastic case circuit breaker.

          The so-called extensibility is within a certain range, how about the load situation of the plastic case circuit breaker, and whether it can install module units to improve its functions. These things are really very important. Please consider them clearly.

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