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          Technical Performance of DC Molded Case Circuit Breaker

          Author : HKel Electrical Appliances (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Release Time : 2018-12-04 16:41:00 View Times:

          DC plastic case circuit breaker can realize short-circuit current interruption and normal small current interruption under high voltage conditions, without the requirement of positive and negative polarity of DC interruption technology. The reliable operation of DC plastic case circuit breaker mainly shows the reliability of its distribution function and protection function. Specifically, the following two superior performances are described:

          1. Lower temperature rise is the basis of ensuring the reliability of distribution function. The high temperature rise of circuit breaker will bring about the decrease of insulation, the decrease of service life, the disorder of protection function and a series of hidden dangers such as internal short circuit. Therefore, the most basic condition to ensure the reliability of distribution function is that the temperature rise meets the standard requirements.


          DC Molded Case Circuit Breaker

          2. Temperature rise, stable thermomagnetic properties and sufficient breaking capacity are the basis for realizing the reliability of protection function. The protection function reliability of circuit breaker refers to that it can effectively perform overload (reverse time limit) delay tripping and short circuit (deep overload) instantaneous tripping when abnormal load conditions such as overload and short circuit occur. The "tripping" here depends on the stability of the electromagnetic system and the ability of the contact arc extinguishing system to withstand reliable interrupting current until the rated limit short circuit current is broken, and also depends on the allowable limit of temperature stability.

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